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  • Our own requirements
    exceed those of our
  • High demands equals
    high standards

Our own requirements exceed those of our customers

The most demanding steel projects are our speciality: Pressure vessels, containers, pipe systems, steel structures and complete processing facilities. For more than 25 years, CKJ Steel has been solving tasks on behalf of some of the industries subject to the most stringent regulatory requirements such as the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, chemical, manufacturing and offshore industries.

Our customers have been with us since the beginning thanks to our philosophy of never compromising on the quality of our work. Simply put, quality is in our DNA. And to such a degree that we demand more from ourselves than our customers do. We provide consultancy services, engineering and production of outstanding quality in every single project. In short: We deliver.

CKJ Steel now certified to ISO 9001

Comprehensive quality assurance systems lead to international certification

Sharp focus on quality at all stages of our activities is part of CKJ Steel’s DNA. Our customers deserve the best – every time – and short cuts and easy solutions do not exist in our world. In the words of Carsten K. Jensen, CEO: “Throughout the years, we have had comprehensive systems and procedures in place to ensure a constant high level of quality in our work. To ensure the sustained development and continuity of our quality, we have now taken the next step and have had our entire quality management system reviewed by independent experts.”

New system for documented decontamination

Unique computer-controlled flow cart ensures documentation

Complete documentation is alpha and omega in our work, also when it comes to "cleaning" vessels and pipe systems. CKJ Steel has therefore developed a unique flow cart for passivation, decontamination and resetting. The brain in the mobile system is advanced computer control, and the result is precise and detailed control over flow and temperature throughout the process.