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Safety and environment

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At CKJ Steel, we constantly focus on having the highest level of workplace safety. This applies to both our own workplace and the sites of our customers where we work.

We do not settle with just the statutory workplace assessments and safety environment committee meetings. On the contrary, we have gone one step further and cooperate with an external consulting firm, which facilitates procedures, regular assessments and documentation for us.

In practice, this means:

  • that we hold daily and weekly toolbox meetings in the workplace at which our employees go over the day's work and any special events and tasks that may have an impact on safety;
  • that we apply an impartial third party to look over our shoulder to help us ensure that our workplace is as safe as possible at all times; and
  • that we have full documentation to the effect that all safety procedures are observed.

To CKJ Steel, the highest possible level of safety is just as important as the quality of the work performed. And we are of the opinion that these two aspects are inextricably related. A safe workplace is a must for us to concentrate 100% on supplying work of the high quality for which CKJ Steel is known.


The objective of CKJ Steel is to conduct its business with the greatest possible respect for the environment.
Therefore, we apply environmental management in practice, just as we have procedures for minimising the use of chemicals and other environmentally harmful substances.

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