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CKJ Steel now certified to ISO 9001

Comprehensive quality assurance systems lead to international certification

Sharp focus on quality at all stages of our activities is part of CKJ Steel’s DNA. Our customers deserve the best – every time – and short cuts and easy solutions do not exist in our world.

In the words of Carsten K. Jensen, CEO:

“Throughout the years, we have had comprehensive systems and procedures in place to ensure a constant high level of quality in our work. To ensure the sustained development and continuity of our quality, we have now taken the next step and have had our entire quality management system reviewed by independent experts.”

“As a result, CKJ Steel has now been certified to the international standard for quality assurance, ISO 9001. The process was extensive, and I am proud of the team’s performance. Obviously, I am also proud to be in good company with businesses all over the world, which make it a point of honour to work in keeping with the highest quality standards.”

Interested in hearing more about our certifications? Please contact Michael Mainz +45 56 65 79 68.
New system for documented decontamination

Unique computer-controlled flow cart ensures documentation

Complete documentation is alpha and omega in our work, also when it comes to "cleaning" vessels and pipe systems. CKJ Steel has therefore developed a unique flow cart for passivation, decontamination and resetting.

The brain in the mobile system is advanced computer control, and the result is precise and detailed control over flow and temperature throughout the process.
Flow as well as temperature are documented completely down to the smallest detail – in the form of a computer-generated printout that is. This means that the customer can be certain that the requested process was completed in full accordance with the regulatory requirements applying to the system.

In other words: Minimal risk of human error and no more conjecture as to approximate temperature and flow, normally characterising manual processes.
The fact that the flow cart is mobile means that CKJ Steel also offers completely documented on-site passivation, decontamination and resetting to its customers. Already at this point, the demand is so great that we have built one more flow cart.

CKJ Steel has filed a patent application for the flow cart.

Would you like to hear what CKJ Steel's unique flow cart can do for your business? Contact Lars Mølau +45 56 65 79 68.
CKJ Steel files patent application for unique grinding method

A mixture of liquid and ceramic grindstones results in an extremely low level of surface roughness

Only the best is good enough. And when the best seen so far can be done better, we do it. It is as simple as that.

At CKJ Steel, we have in-depth knowledge of both customer requirements and regulatory requirements for vessels and pipe systems. Our knowledge is so detailed that we always make an effort to go beyond the requirements.

A good example demonstrating this is that CKJ Steel has developed a completely unique method for grinding the inside surface of vessels. The method is so unique and its results so convincing that CKJ Steel has filed a patent application for the method and the machine that we have developed.
Our unique grinding method involves filling a mixture of liquid and ceramic grindstones into the vessel, which is mounted on a "carousel" with a motor, controlled by a frequency converter.

The carousel rotates and tilts the vessel according to a fixed pattern, ensuring that the inside surface of it is ground to a perfect and completely uniform result.
Thanks to CKJ Steel's ceramic grinding, the surface roughness, measured in terms of Ra value, is lower than 0.2 μm. This means that the vessel is even easier to clean, because production remnants are not left on the inside surface of it.
In other words: A vessel ground using CKJ Steel's ceramic grinding method has such a fine and smooth surface that the vessel more than meets the most stringent regulatory requirements applicable to, say, the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries.

Equally important, our customers save money thanks to CKJ Steel's ceramic grinding on account of the limited downtime and a much higher degree of flexibility in the process.

CKJ Steel's machine for grinding is modular and can be scaled depending on the size of the item to be ground. Disassembling the machine and assembling it again on the customers' premises are easy.

Would you like to hear what CKJ Steel's unique method for grinding can do for your business? 
Contact Michael Mainz på +45 56 65 79 68.